Guali colaboration.

1.-Providing measurements

Guali device used in field.

Guali stands for Gamma cameras and advanced imaginf. As other sectors (space and medical), nuclear sector is a highly regulated sector. This opens a great curve to start but provides a great oportunity to develop gamma devices to a TRL level able to make easier to be ported to medical devices.

Even work in a regulated sector provides great oportunities to develop thinking in a roadmap of this scientific development taking care of the full process.

Guali has been promoted by ENRESA, which is the company which is in charge of the management of all the material proced by the nuclear industry, which is large enought in terms of applications.

  • Radio medical
  • Neutron sources (construction)
  • Pharmacy (construction)
  • Active nuclear waste (energy)
  • Nuclear plant disasamby (green sustenibility)

Current activities

For this device we hold 2 patents (internationaly extended), and we are currently working actively with Enresa and other parners to improve methods to clasify and identify nuclear waste The objecetives are to provide:

  • Better timing in classification
  • Be proactive with the regulator, anticipating both quality and security
  • Reduce human exposure
  • Increase perfomance of legacy systems

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